Industry-leading Prime Brokerage services reinvented for the Digital Age

Direct Market Access to major liquidity pools

BEQUANT Pro offers traditional DMA or so-called naked access to major crypto liquidity pools. We continuously add new venues, so do check with us on the next markets to be added.

  • Simplified KYC/account opening process - pass BEQUANT Pro Compliance verification and gain access to multiple trading venues.

  • Multicurrency account (crypto and fiat) with access to leading crypto-exchanges.

  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support and an individual client manager.

  • OTC block trade execution
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Supported exchanges

We continuously add new venues and the instruments they support by building holistic and transparent access to the core of digital asset liquidity. We will soon be adding access to DEX and DeFi platforms to further enable even more trading, arbitrage, and capital efficiency.

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Supported Exchanges Q Bar-01 exex

Lending & Cross Margining

Our goal as a prime broker is to enable maximum capital efficiency and minimise the risk of automated liquidation. We offer portfolio margined loans to achieve maximum flexibility and maximum buying power. We do not block collateral and all our loans are based on a fixed rate and 1 month minimum tenor. Please reach out to a member of the sales team for a quote.
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Collateral Management

Our collateral management tools allow you to automate the rebalancing of collateral across venues via API or manually via GUI access.

As an option we can offer Instant Transfer functionality across select venues and assets for a small fee.

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OTC Block Trading

Having access to the core liquidity pools and at lowest cost our OTC desk is able to provide superior spreads for block trades. We support high and low touch execution.

Bloomberg chat
Messengers (Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram)
RFQ via API or GUI Algorithmic execution with a strategy of your choice (VWAP, TWAP, SOR, Iceberg)

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Custody and Safekeeping

The technology used to secure client's assets has been tested for more than five years and is utlised for our dedicated custodian, BEQUANT Exchange.

We will soon be supporting multiple custodians to provide "peace of mind" and full flexibility for safekeeping of your digital assets.

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